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Give the perfect gift to your loved ones with a custom photo mosaic. Capture hundreds of your photos together in a beautiful custom photo mosaic. Each mosaic is crafted by expert designers to make a mosaic masterpiece for you.

What is it

A custom photo mosaic, made from the photos you give. It looks as if a single photo is made up of multiple smaller photos. It is an exclusive piece of art, your mosaic masterpiece!

What you get

A beautiful photo mosaic, custom made by experts. You will receive a ready to print JPG file on your email. You can download and print the file at a local print shop or order prints online. No physical delivery is included.

What you need to give

We need atleast 30 photos from you. You can give upto 100 photos to use in the mosaic. Also you need to give one main photo in which all other photos will come in the mosaic. We will send you a preview of your mosaic in 48 hours of receiving your photos.

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A mosaic is a picture made of multiple pictures. In a photo mosaic, multiple photos are combined together to form a single photo. So it looks as one photo is made of multiple small photos.

Our custom photo mosaic shows your photos in a beautiful and colorful way. Hundreds of your memorable photos are shown in one mosaic forming a single photo (called the main photo).

When you gift a mosaic, you are gifting hundreds of memories together. When your loved ones see their photos, they love it! And that is why, a custom photo mosaic is one of the best gifts you can gift because of the priceless memories it has.

Upload your photos while placing the order on our website. You can also skip uploading photos while placing your order and email us your photos anytime.

Minimum 30 photos are required for any size. You can send upto 100 photos for any size without any charges. If you want to send more than 100 photos, $0.1 per extra photo is charged. Any number of photos you send are repeated to make the mosaic.

We also need one main photo (the photo which is formed of the other photos).

You can send any type of photos you want. It can be normal Mobile Photos, DSLR Photos etc. You can also give your old scanned photos. Please give less group photos.

Give photos with high resolution, avoid photos with resolution less than 600×600 pixels.

For the main photo, select a photo with clear and large face portions, taken preferably in daylight, with bright face portion. Avoid group photos and photos with heavy clothing like wedding photos for the main photo. Resolution of atleast 1000×1000 pixels is required for the main photo. Selfies are the best for the main photos.

All photos given by you are 100% safe and deleted when the order is complete.

A digital download is a JPG design file of the mosaic. It is a ready to print digital JPG file which is sent to your email. No physical delivery is included in it. You can print and frame it yourself at a local print shop or frame it online in your style to suit your decor needs.


300 DPI JPEG File(RGB)

You can use online photo framing services as available in your country. We recommend using services of a local printer/framer to make the perfect frame.

Yes, we provide unlimited revisions and a risk free 100% refund policy if you are not happy with your mosaic.

After you place your order and send your photos, we need around 24-48 hours to make your preview. We will send your preview to your email once ready.

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