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Photo Mosaic

Life Like a Mosaic

What are the days most meaningful to you? If you could look back on your life in a picture, what beautiful thing could you see? I’ve come to realize that life resembles a photo mosaic—a collection of moments. It’s not just about conquering quests or achieving milestones. We live day by day, sometimes searching for meaning, sometimes just being. Life is a road trip journey, not a linear path that all should run through. Just like individual tiles in a mosaic, the seemingly ordinary days blend with the extraordinary, creating a composite image that represents us entirely. People all shine in their own time.

Who I Am

My name is Sohyun (Sophia) Hong, and I’m here to share this journey with you. I’ve recently transitioned from a career in law to embark on a new chapter, crafting photo mosaics that capture life’s most meaningful moments. With it, I bring a heartbeat of happiness, though it’s tinged with the fear of the unknown. Yet, inspired by Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken,” I’ve embraced the path less traveled; indeed, “it has made all the difference.” I don’t know the whole picture yet, but I know this choice has begun to reveal it, one day at a time. 

Journey with You

Here, we are privileged to craft photo mosaics from the ordinary but most meaningful moments of your life. I want to share the stories of these ordinary but special moments with you, going forward. We’re here to turn your ordinary yet significant moments into photo mosaics, sharing and celebrating the stories that make us who we are. It would bring me immense joy to share with you the delight of uncovering these moments and turning them into tributes to the beauty of life.

“Firsts” Moments of Memoir

This is my first post. ‘Firsts’ make everything special, from the first smile, the first kiss to the first heartbreak, from stepping onto a new path to the first day of running a new business. I bless all these “firsts,” for they are the tiles in our mosaic of life. What ‘first’ in your life would you love to capture in a photo mosaic? Reflect on your “firsts” and the beautiful mosaic they create in your life. We are here to capture your most cherished memory. We’ll transform your story into a photo mosaic, the perfect gift for you and your loved ones.  

With warmth,

Sohyun (Sophia)