About Us

How a surprise proposal from an unknown girl turned into a buzzing business!

The Story

Established in April 2017, InstaMosaicStudio aims to provide highly unique and quality personalized products. Our tagline “Your Memories. Redefined” is reflected in our products.

Nipun A. Parikh, an engineer, is the founder of InstaMosaicStudio. On 2nd January 2017, he received a friend request from a girl on Facebook. It showed a lot of mutual friends, mostly his schoolmates and he accepted thinking it must be someone from his school. Little did he know that she was the person who was going to change his life and start an exciting entrepreneurial journey in his life. Numbers were exchanged and they started chatting and decided to meet in a few days.

He was going to meet her in a few days and still, he had no idea what he would gift her, obviously, he was going to impress her, he wasn’t going empty-handed. Then came the idea of creating a mosaic poster from the photos he received from her.

“I gathered her photos from WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram, used some tools, formulated a better method of making a photo mosaic and I made a beautiful mosaic from her photo. That was the very first true mosaic I made, and the first one of the thousands I was going to make.”

12th January 2017, the day came. They met and he surprised her with the mosaic poster, and she burst into tears of joy on seeing her gorgeous mosaic. Hundreds of pictures of her were in it. This was the first time she received a gift like it. The surprise was well received. InstaMosaicStudio was thus born.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear. We want you to cherish your memories forever. We want you to smile when you see the pictures you took with your loved ones. We strive to bring quality personalized products which are unforgettable for you.

Our Vision

“Live for the moments you can’t put into words.”
Certain moments in life are unprecedentedly significant. These moments take us by surprise like a sweet gush of wind and fill our hearts with seemingly limitless joy and happiness. Sometimes these emotions are paired with pride, wonder, and even amazement. It is only after such moments pass that we understand their significance, and register the loss of words in describing them. At InstaMosaicStudio, we understand the importance of such memories and work to immortalise them through our quality personalised products. We strongly believe that these memories fuel us with happiness and satisfaction for a lifetime, and encourage us to do better.

Our Journey So Far